1. BALANCE your work, play, family and down-time. 2. REFRAME your negative messages in a positive manner. 3. IMAGINE your future success and use it to propel yourself forward. 4. DEVELOP an action plan for your vision of your future successful self. 5. Clearly DEFINE and UNDERSTAND how you achieve your vision. 6. DEVELOP A PLAN for the people side of your successful organization. 7. UNDERSTAND your strengths and weaknesses and those of your competition. 8. ESTABLISH ALLIANCES that can help you succeed. In an eight week teleclass, we will cover all of those items and more to help you beat the odds and establish and maintain a successful, thriving small business! Why a teleclass? By using the telephone, you will save commute time; you do not have to dress up; you can maintain your confidentiality. Teleclasses are very effective. For more information call: Mary Richardson Coaching For Success 816-872-8239